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If you’re struggling with missing email issue then you need to check theses causes and solution, these might help you out or you can contact professionals.

In this content, you will read various causes and reasons for missing email and links for directions on managing your spam filter. Go ahead and run your vision to these causes and solutions.


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You suddenly notice a large chunk of emails missing from your inbox.

Possible cause: Have you currently your email from using on a PC or mobile device other than your common one? If so, you have accidentally downloaded the emails to that machine, dragging them odd of the server.

Solution:  Set up an IMPA account on that similar device, then drag and drop the emails from the POP inbox to the IMAP inbox. This should sync them up with the server again. Finally, disable or configure again the POP inbox so it leaves a copy of each message on the server.

Folders from one email client are missing in webmail or a second email client.

rr emailThere are two possible reasons of lost or missing folders. The first is that your general email client is a POP, and folders other than the inbox are only your local machine- they were never made on the server. The second is that you’re using an IMAP client generally, but you have not subscribed to the extra folders in your webmail or fresh email client.


Ensure the folders actually IMAP folders. If they are not, you may need to make them in your actual email client.

Subscribe to the extra IMAP folders in your new or fresh email client. Check tour email client’s credentials for particular directions.

Specific email(s) are never received.

Possible cause : The email may be triggering a spam filter.


You need to check your Spam folder. If you have not subscribed to your Spam folder locally, you can check in webmail. For more support or assistance, you can take help of experts as well.

Check with the actual or authentic sender to see if they got a bounceback. If so, take a glimpse at the article.

If you unable to locate the message anywhere:

Emails to Yahoo or Hotmail disappear for a few days.

SBC MailPossible cause: Some immense mail providers implement a procedure known as ‘gray listing’ which delays doubtful emails for a few days. The emails will finally be delivered, but it may seem like they have gone lost at first.

You should check to ensure that nothing in your email content might generate a spam filter. Unluckily, with no solid bounceback, Media Temple can’t do anything real about delayed email.

Spam filter settings

If you have discovered that your spam filter is either flagging preferred messages or letting spam via, kindly see the online articles or contact professionals so you can be managing filter settings.

Third-party hosting

If you don’t host your mail via Media Temple, you will require disabling the email service for that domain on your server. Otherwise, other domains that are hosted on the same server will try to transfer to your Media Temple mailbox, rather than your live 3rd party mailbox. You can check you MX record setting by getting in touch with experts.