Bigpond Email Login

Telstra is an Australian based company with its headquarter situated in Melbourne. BigPond is Bigpond Emaila famous Internet Service Provider and a product of Telstra. The company offers a host of services in the country, but its most popular service is definitely being the webmail service. There are a countless number of Aussies who are using Telstra BigPond webmail service for sending and receiving emails on a daily basis.

In order to create an account on BigPond, one has to have an email account on Telstra. Once the account has been created, then a person can use it to set up emails on various platforms without any issue. The process of Telstra webmail login is pretty simple, but it is important to follow the process in the right order to avoid any issues later on.

Creating username and password for Telstra

The only way with which you can access your emails at BigPond webmail is by creating an account on Telstra platform. Follow the below-mentioned steps to register an account on Telstra.

  1. Go to your web browser and enter in the address bar.
  2. Now, you have to fill the information according to what is asked.
  3. You have to enter your email address in the box where it is mentioned to enter your email address. Then, you have to create a strong password and re-enter it in the next box.
  4. Now, you have to fill in your personal details in the next section. You have to enter your first and last name in respective boxes along with your date of birth in the last box of the section.
  5. In the section named ‘Your Telstra account’ you have to enter your Telstra mobile number of a 13 digit account number.
  6. The company send you an email regarding the confirmation of your account on Telstra.

Setting up BigPond webmail login on MS Outlook in Windows PC

The process of setting up Telstra BigPond webmail on your Windows based PC is quite simple. You just need Telstra webmail username and password, and you are ready to setup an email on Outlook. The ID you will use should be either,, or The process of setting up the mail involves various steps, which you have to follow in the right order. You can check your application’s version prior to the setting up process. You can go to ‘Help’ menu of the app to check the version.

  1. On your PC, you have to open MS Outlook.
  2. Go to ‘File’ Menu and choose ‘info’.
  3. Then, click on ‘Account settings’ after which, you have to click on ‘Account settings’.
  4. In the email accounts window, you need to press ‘new button’ on email tab.
  5. Also, tick mark ‘additional server type’ or ‘manually configure server settings’ in the same window.
  6. Click on ‘Next’ and you will see ‘internet email settings window’ in which, you will update info such as your full name and your email address. Enter your Telstra BigPond email address, which ends with or
  7. Now, update server related info, which is crucial for your ‘Telstra My account’. In the incoming and outgoing mail server, you will have to enter your BigPond email, and in account type, enter POP3.
  8. After doing so, you have to update your mailbox logon information. Enter your email address along with your password. Don’t tick mark the box that says ‘Require logon using secure password authentication’.
  9. To ensure that all the BigPond email settings are fine, you can select ‘test the settings’ option. If the settings are fine, then you will get a confirmation email, which may arrive in the spam folder.
  10. Now, click on ‘More settings’ button and then, ‘outgoing server tab’.
  11. You have to enable the option that says ‘My Outgoing Server requires authentication’ and then, click on the radio button in order to use those settings as your incoming mail server.
  12. After that, click on ‘advanced tab’ and enable the option that says ‘This server requires encrypted connection’ option. Enter ‘587’ in front of Outgoing server (STMP) option. Hit ‘next’ and ‘finish’ to complete the process.

Setting up BigPond Email login on Mac OSX

The initial five steps are same for both, Outlook and Mac Mail, so we are going to proceed to steps where you have to setup the BigPond webmail.

1. Go to ‘mail menu’ and select ‘preferences’.

2. Click on ‘accounts window’ followed by the ‘accounts’ button in order to activate ‘accounts’ tab. Then, you have to press ‘+’ button on the same window.

3. In the ‘add account’ window, enter your logon info consisting of your name, email address and password.

4. Enter the following information in the ‘incoming mail server’.

  • Incoming mail server: Enter ‘’.
  • Incoming mail server type: POP3.
  • Username: Your email address.
  • Password: Your Telstra email password.

5. Press ‘Continue’.

6. Now, enter the information in the ‘Outgoing mail server’ window.

  • Outgoing server: Type ‘’.
  • Check the option that says ‘Use only this server’.
  • Uncheck or don’t check the option that says ‘Use Authentication’.
  • Username: Your email address.
  • Password: Your Telstra email password.

7. Press ‘continue’.

8. If you want to change any setting, then press ‘Go back’ button. You can check all the settings in ‘accounts summary window’.

9. Press ‘create button’ to create an account for sending and receiving emails.

10. Browse ‘advanced’ tab to update a couple more settings. Go to ‘mail’ menu and select ‘preferences’. After that, go to ‘accounts’ window followed by the selection of ‘advanced’ tab.

11. Update some settings in the advanced tab, which are as follows:

  • Tick ‘Use custom port’ option and enter ‘587’ in the empty box.
  • Check the box that says ‘Use Secure Sockets Layer’.
  • Choose ‘Password’ in authentication.
  • Type in your email address in the username and then, type your password.

12. At last, press ‘OK’ button to complete the process.