sbc global email

If you have an account and are not aware of setting the Junk mail settings, then check out the proper steps to manage and set all the Junk mails easily.

sbc globalThe SBCGlobal Webmail is one of the most advanced email services in the email services market. All the people who are not aware of what SBC is, then they should be aware that the SBC stands for Southwestern Bell Company. It is an important part of the AT&T, which is on the list of the world’s largest telecommunication company. When you head to find out the SBC on your web browser, you will directly get directed to email. So, if you are using the SBCGlobal email service, then you are liable to access the bunch of many Yahoo services such as Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Chat, and Yahoo Mail.

The SBCGlobal email comes out with the merger of Yahoo and AT&T. In the case, if you are not aware of the way to access the SBCGlobal, then you can head to log onto the www SBCGlobal Net to get more information. One of the important things about the SBC Yahoo account is that it is not at all free, For accessing the SBC Yahoo service, you will require creating an account on the SBCGlobal email.

sbc mailEven the SBCGlobal email account also renders the different tools for managing the junk mail. There are many spam messages which can hang on your inbox and are capable of generating viruses to your computer. To get prevented with such situation, your account page provides the options for setting up the junk mail settings that can manage the unwanted messages heading to your inbox. For instance, you can head to report the individual emails to, easily creating the settings to specify the way to managing and handling the spam and also blocking the specific email addresses so that they would no longer trouble your inbox.

Looking at the need to aware you about the setting the Junk mail settings, we have covered up the important aspects –

1) Reporting The Individual Messages –

  • Head on to point your browser to the Yahoo page and then tap the “Mail” to log in to the email account.
  • Now, head on to tap the “Inbox” and then tap the box, just side to the spam message to choose it.
  • Just tap the “Spam” drop-down menu and then head to tap the “Report Spam,”  “Report a Phishing Scam” or “Report a Hacked Account” option. Every option will delete the junk message and then notifies the AT&T so they can easily upgrade their system and can track down such type of messages out of the inbox.

2) Creating the Spam Settings – 

  • www sbcglobal netFirstly, head to Log into your email account and then tap the gear icon. After that, head to choose the “Mail Options” title in the drop-down list.
  • Now, head to tap the “General” option under the Mail options title and then head to tap the menus under the Spam Protection section to easily create your personalized settings.
  • After the previous step, just tap the “Save” button to complete.

3) Blocking Email Addresses –

  • Firstly, just tap the gear icon on the SBCGlobal.Net Email account page and then head to tap the “Mail Options” in the drop down list.
  • Now, head to tap the “Blocked Addresses” under the heading of Advanced Options.
  • Lastly, head on to enter the address that you wish to block in the designated field and then head to tap the “Add” button. After doing this action, the future messages from that particular sender will automatically get removed.