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Today, in this blog post we are going to discuss the steps to Remove spam messages from the inbox folder of your Charter Email. If you are using a Charter mail on your computer and disappointed with a large number of spam messages in your account, then there is no need to worry. We have bought a concrete solution to this problem.

Before discussing the steps for removing the Spam messages, we are going to discuss Spam and why you receive Spam messages.

What Is Spam?

charter com loginSpam is a type of Commercial email that peeps into your account with the aim to infect other files in your computer and the folder. A spam email may contain unwanted commercial advertisements in the form of links, attachments, and folders which go directly into your computer and create malicious files inside it. You can’t access Charter Com Login normally in such cases. You need to remove all the malicious files as early as possible.

The mail objective of the Spammer is to grab money from the online email account users so they keep on sending cheap Spams. Spammer always send more and more emails in the account so that user will open any one mail and make some purchase.

Why You Receive A Spam?

charter helpThere can be a number of reasons behind receiving a Spam message on your mail account. If you are using your Charter email login for financial services or for online shopping, then the same address can be copy pasted at other location as well and they can use this mail address to send unsolicited messages on this account. You can’t stop such messages from receiving on your account until you follow some troubleshooting steps.

Now, we are going to discuss the steps to remove Spam from your account or what precautions you can take to stop receiving spam messages and malicious files on your computer.

  1. It is recommended not to open any link and attachment received from the unknown source and don’t purchase anything from your spam messages. You can simply delete these mails from your charter account.
  2. Use the filter settings to delete unwanted messages from the inbox folder. If you are not having the filter settings, then you can rule out the same from the inbox.
  3. If you are receiving a malicious mail, then mark it as Spam. This will stop further receiving of Spam messages in future and you will not receive any such message in your account.
  4. charter email loginWe want to mention here that Charter email has inbuilt filtering function. All the spammed and flagged messages will automatically redirect to the report section, which further refines the filtering action of mail account. If any messages are stored in the Spam folder, then it will automatically get deleted after 14 days. If it is in the Trash folder, then the messages will be deleted in three days.
  5. If you are using some email client program like Outlook or express, then for setting up the filtering action on your account, you can call us at Charter Email Support number.
  6. You can report the spam to the Federal Commission along with full headers.
  7. If required, you can use Security programs Security Guide and others to protect your account from Spams and unwanted emails.

How Spectrum Charter Help In Removing The Spam?

It blocks the Spam by utilizing the Anti-Spam filters. It uses the optical character recognition technology to filter the messages that contain phrases, images, and Keywords which are quite common in Spam. As per reports from company executives, the company is blocking almost 150 billion spam messages per day.

Apart from this, Spectrum charter is also offering a complete security suite program for all the users of Charter account.