Time Warner Cable

Road Runner email has a number of benefits when compared to the conventional email services. But, there are certain issues, which I wanted to discuss pertinent to Road Runner email accounts. Though, vast majority of RR com email users won’t experience such issues, but those who do, this article is going to provide all the assistance to those. The issues we will be discussing today is email and SMTP problems that have been sprouting in Time Warner Cable Road Runner email accounts.

I had been notified by many of clients that they are getting issues accessing their Time Warner RR email accounts at the time when they aren’t connected to the Time Warner RR network. They have the ability to use Time Warner Webmail service, but they were having issues when they are using Outlook, Outlook Express, iPhone, Apple Mail and Thunderbird when they are not connected to the Road Runner network. There are a number of false articles related to this issue, so let us find out the exact reasons behind this issue.

The first thing that I want Time Warner to change is their policy, which blocks emails from the authorized and authenticated users, who are currently not present on the Road Runner web mail service. They should be provided with a non-intuitive access to the RR network by offering them different settings in which they can plug into the email program of the one who is on the RR network.

The issue doesn’t lie in the incoming emails, as it is possible to receive the emails and access them as well. The issue is with the outgoing emails through SMTP outgoing mail service. So, people want to know the solution to rectify the process of outgoing SMTP emails. Here are the settings that they can take a look at to get their outgoing SMTP emails back on track.

The settings for an outgoing SMTP server is similar to that of SMTP-server, <location>.rr.com. In the location box, people will have to add the area they are living in. For example, if a person in living in New Jersey, then the setting will be like SMTP-server.twcnj.rr.com. You need to check your incoming mail setting, which is also refer to as POP setting in order to determine the area of the server setting. You can get in touch with Time Warner RR office to know about your location.

You don’t need to enter any SSL for SMTP server, but a password would be good enough to authenticate the user.

You will have to add your entire email address in the outgoing SMTP server setting, which will also include ‘@’ symbol. Whereas in incoming settings, you don’t need to fill all that, but the 1st part of the email address is sufficient. The password for SMTP is the same as your email account password. In the SMTP server, the port setting is going to be changed to 587 because it is among the default ports that you can use.

Therefore, it is great if you use the port 587. With this, your outgoing SMTP issues will be fixed, so you can save the settings and restart the email. Now, you need to do www RR com login to see if your email is working. There are still chances that the outgoing email would stop working at the time when a person is connected to Time Warner RR network because it is the policy of Time Warner cable service.

So, you need to log onto www RR com in order to access the Road Runner account and also fix the issues that we have discussed above.