There have been many issues in SBCGlobal webmail platform, but there hasn’t been an issue as frustrating as the ‘rejection of username and password’. Let us know about it in detail.

SBCGlobal net mail is one of the top-rated webmail service in the world. There are many people who are using SBCGlobal email as their primary source of sending and receiving emails. The reason why SBCGlobal is so popular is because it has a wide range of features that are useful for the users. SBCGlobal is proud to be associated with AT&T, which has also bought the former company a few years ago. It was SBCGlobal own platform, which users were using, but things didn’t remain ideal, thus the platform for users to access their emails changed to

Yes, Yahoo is now the platform where users can access their emails. But, this hasn’t affected the popularity of SBCGlobal, but on the contrary, it has increased. Www SBCGlobal net platform is a flawless platform, but there have been instances where issues have arrived in SBCGlobal webmail, but they have been sorted out quickly and in an efficient manner.

One of the issues that people have been facing lately is the rejection of username and password by SBCGlobal net email login. This is a big issue because if you are not able to log into your account, then you can’t access your emails. This issue is especially prevalent through email clients. People are using Windows Live Mail for their email client, and they just can’t log into their accounts after entering username and password on Yahoo page.

Why username and password is not being accepted?

Despite having the right settings from AT&T, which are also properly configured in their email client, yet the username and password is getting rejected. Every time they add the username and password, they are getting just one message, i.e., ‘Username/password are incorrect’.

The issue persists despite configuration of the mail in Outlook

outlookThis issue is very frustrating because people don’t know how their username and password has changed suddenly. The account was working a few hours ago, but it isn’t working anymore. Some people have configured their account in Outlook 2010 and Outlook Express in order to confirm whether it is really an issue, and it was confirmed. No email client worked after doing a configuration on the above-mentioned platforms. People got the same result, and it was disappointing.

No concrete solution so far

People who are facing the issue should not take shots in the dark, as that would not work anyhow. It is important to seek assistance from professionals who know how to fix these kinds of issues once and for all. There is no need to feel worried because if there is a problem, then there is a solution too. People are going to find some who is well-aware of what’s happening to SBCGlobal net email, so that person or firm will be able to help the sufferers.

Blame Game between AT&T and Microsoft

at & tAT&T has come up with a unique explanation of its own. The company after getting complaints from thousands and thousands of customers have replied that there must be some issues in the settings made by the customers, so they need to fix those settings and also seek help from Microsoft. It can be clearly seen that AT&T and Microsoft are playing a blame game, and nobody is ready to take the responsibility for the issue. In all this chaos, it’s the common man who is suffering the most because he/she doesn’t have an access to his/her emails and all his/her work has come to a standstill. Now, people can take the help of those who are proficient in dealing with webmail services. They are the ones who can fix the issue and let people access their email accounts to resume their work.