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Charter email is experiencing problems in iPhone devices. The problem is particular coming when people are trying to send emails. Let us discuss what this issue is and how it can be fixed in this blog post.

charter mailCharter email is not working on iPhones. Sorry, if I have written in such a way, but the exact thing that I wanted to write is that Charter email is not working on iPhone 5S. Many people are not able to send email from their respective iPhone 5S through their email account. People have told that they successfully verified the password by removing the account and adding it again.

They have also checked whether all the options are ticked as verified or not. Despite all these things, they were not able to access their Charter Email Login on iPhone 5S. When they do all that, they see the check marks and the account are also created and verified. They are also able to receive emails smoothly, but as soon as they click on ‘send’ option, they get an error, which is something like that: ‘cannot send email; the username or password for SMTP: is not correct.

Charter com linkThe settings are same for Apple iPad and they have used those settings for making Charter Email work on their iPads. There wasn’t any problem in sending and receiving emails. Moreover, people were able to change their password multiple times to something that they can remember easily. People thought as if they were using too complex passwords, but passwords don’t matter.

They can easily log into the Charter Com Login email through the internet browser on PCs. They have used the same credentials and everything worked superbly. The problem is in the iPhone as emails can’t be sent through iPhone devices. Moreover, it doesn’t matter which operating system they are using, the problem remains persistent.

How To Fix This Problem?

We have discussed in detail as to what the issue is, so now, let’s discuss the solution because without discussing the solution, there is no purpose of writing this post, right?

In order to fix this issue, follow the below-mentioned steps :

  1. Go to settings of your iPhone.
  2. In settings, tap on ‘Accounts’ option.
  3. You will find ‘income mail server’, where you will have to add your username, which is your username. Then, enter your password.
  4. Now, scroll down the menu and you will see ‘outgoing mail server’. Click on this option.
  5. Click on the primary server where you will see ‘username’ and ‘password’ option for the outgoing email server. The username is your email ID, so type your email ID along with the password.
  6. Click ‘Done’ to finish the setup process.

charter supportPeople must have performed this step before, but they might have missed the step where the username and password details are to be entered for ‘outgoing mail server’. It’s a simple fact if outgoing mail server setting is not mentioned, then how come the emails could be sent. So, the problem can be fixed by filling in the details properly in the outgoing mail server.

You can take the help of Charter Email Support if you want, as they are well aware of such problems. They will be able to help you in the best way. You have to understand that the problem is not in your Charter mail account, but it is on your iPhone, so better take a look at your iPhone because the issue is lying over there.

charter linkYou can take Charter help if you aren’t able to fix the issue after adding the details in outgoing mail server option on your iPhone. I hope the steps that I’ve mentioned above will help you fix the problem, but if not, then don’t shy away from taking the help of a professional tech support.