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Many people have mentioned on various online forums that it is not possible to use Road Runner Web Mail on Android devices. To be more precise, they meant that it is not possible to use RR mail directly on Android devices, but it needs to sync with Gmail. Well, that is an alternative, but we are not satisfied with such an alternative, so we are going to find out if there is any direct way of using RR mail with Android devices or not.

time warner cableA vast majority of people want to setup RR email their Android smartphones and tablets, but they are not able to do so. There is no direct method to setup RR com mail on Android devices according to many people. But, this is not true. It’s just that many people have tried doing the same thing and they were not able to do it successfully. The failure has led them to say such things. There is a fine line between the expressions, i.e., ‘I can’t do it’ and ‘it can’t be done whatsoever’. When they were not able to configure RR mail on Android devices directly, then they took an alternative method by getting it synced through Gmail.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the way of using RR mail login on Android devices whether a smartphone or a tablet without taking the help of Gmail. This can be done by using an email app.

The whole process is mentioned below, so pay a close attention towards it.

  1. The first thing that you will have to do in this regard is, open ‘email app’.
  2. Enter your RR email address and after that, tap ‘next’.
  3. Select ‘personal (POP3)’ on the screen and tap ‘next’.
  4. Type in your RoadRunner email account password and tap ‘next’.
  5. Now, it’s time to change or set ‘incoming server settings’. Here are the things that you will have to do.
  • rr com login emailUsername: Complete email address.
  • Password: Your RoadRunner email password.
  • Port: 110.
  • Security Type: None.
  1. Once all the information has been entered, you will have to tap ‘next’.
  2. After ‘incoming server settings’ comes ‘outgoing server settings’, which are as follows:
    • Server: smtp-server.sj.rr.com. (Here, SJ means San Jose, so you can write the initials of the location where you currently reside in).
    • Port: Enter 587 as port number, and if that doesn’t work, then enter 25.
    • Enable ‘require sign-in’ option.
    • Security Type: None.
    • Username: Type in your username that ends with RR.com.
    • Password: Type in your RoadRunner email password.
  3. On the next two screens, tap ‘next’.
  4. Enter your name in ‘your name’ field. This will be the name that everybody else will see. After it is done, tap ‘next’.

rr emailBy following these steps, you will be able to setup RR mail on your Android device. Another update on this problem that we were able to find out is that, the server address for both incoming and outgoing server has been changed. So, here is what you will add in both the servers.

Incoming server: pop-server.rr.com.

Outgoing server: smtp-server.rr.com.

If you come across any problem, then you can get in touch with TWC account. They will help you get the best solution for the problem. But, we believe that the above-mentioned steps are efficient enough to setup RR mail on Android devices.