Are you finding difficulties in syncing your SBCGlobal email account with the new version of Windows, i.e., Windows 10? It is not just you who is facing the problem, but there are many more who are dealing with the same problem. What we are going to do in this blog post is, we will discuss the issue and try to find a solution as well. So, go through the post in a very diligent way.

Windows 10 is in trend these days. Many people after the launch of Windows 10 has upgraded their Windows to Windows 10 in the wake of better performance and output. In today’s world, most people are using Windows 10 and they all seem to be facing different issues in this OS. One issue that we are going to discuss is related to syncing of Email account with this Windows. When people tried syncing Gmail with Windows 10, then it was all OK, but when they tried syncing SBCGlobal email login account, then they came across a number of issues. It is still unknown as to what those issues were and why they occurred in the first place. Let us get into the details of the issues.

Perhaps the most common way to access email accounts is via the email app, and in Microsoft, there is Windows 10 email app that is used to sync different email accounts. www SBCGlobal net mail can be synced with Windows 10 email app, but there have been certain issues that people are experiencing while trying to do so.

Here are the steps that they can follow to fix this problem

  1. Go the advanced setup of the email app and click the cog. It is going to open ‘SBCGlobal net email settings’ on the mail app.
  2. Click ‘accounts’ and after that, click ‘add accounts’.
  3. Select ‘other account’ option.
  4. Enter all the details like ‘email ID’, ‘password’ and other related info that needs to be added.

This above-mentioned process will help you sync your SBCGlobal email ID with Windows 10, but if it doesn’t, then you can follow an alternative procedure.

  1. In the 3rd step of the above given procedure where you selected ‘other account’, you will now have to select ‘advanced setup’.
  2. After that, you have to choose ‘internet mail’.
  3. Add ‘account name’, which could be anything.
  4. Add the name from which you want to send emails.
  5. In ‘incoming email server, type ‘’.
  6. In ‘Account type’, type ‘POP3’.
  7. Now, type your SBCGlobal net email ID along with password in the respective boxes.
  8. In ‘Outgoing email server’, type ‘’.
  9. Leave all the options as it is after 8th

There are bright chances that this process will work fine, and your SBCGlobal email will get synced with Windows 10, but if it doesn’t, then take the help of online platform to fix the issue. You can also get in touch with SBCGlobal email expert to fix the settings in order to make SBCGlobal email sync with Windows 10.