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Have You Started Getting Problem With The SBCGlobal Mail After Updating Outlook?

If you have recently downloaded the latest version of Microsoft Outlook platform on your device, then you might be thinking that you will get the latest features and functions on the mail after updating it. But, in a real sense, the picture is totally different. Some users are finding a problem in accessing their mail after updating their outlook platform. They are not being able to fetch the attachment, read mail and open some folders from the login screen.

We are now going to discuss problems along with their solutions which most of the users are finding on their SBCGlobal Email account.

Problem 1: Junk folder is not available or mails are directly forwarded to junk folder:

If you have set the junk mail folder to ‘Safe list’, then all the messages will first store in safe list, then switch to junk folder until or unless the mail is sent from unsafe mail address. To get rid of this, follow the solution given below:

Solution: Open ‘Outlook settings’ from the system and click on ‘File’. Go to ‘Account’ and click on ‘update’ now.

Problem 2: No unread emails and tabs are available in the SBCGlobal mail screen

If you don’t find unread mail, inbox folder, filtering option on the screen, then it means all these functions and features are disabled or hidden by default. You need to unhide them from the outlook platform by following the steps mentioned here as under:

If you have updated the outlook program to version 1703 or higher, then all the above-mentioned tabs will be displayed on the screen under menu folder. If the version is older, then you can open it from the drop-down menu.

To check the version of outlook program, open ‘File’ and go to ‘About’.

How to filter and arrange messages in the SBCGlobal account?

From the outlook program, you can filter and arrange all read, unread and mentioned messages of your SBCGlobal email account very easily. You can sort according to the date, time, and length of the message received in the inbox folder. To arrange according to date, click on the respective option.

Apart from this, you can also use the ‘Filter’ menu given on the top of the ribbon menu. For more information about this menu, contact SBCGlobal Mail support. For current settings preview, head on to ‘Triangle’ icon.

How to use Quick Access toolbar from outlook?

This option is basically given to access the tools quickly from the screen. You can add any menu to this toolbar. For instance, if you want to read all unread messages quickly, then you can add ‘Unread’ in the QAT through following steps.

  1. Open search console and type ‘Unread’ in it.
  2. You will find the unread folder on the screen.
  3. Now, arrange unread messages according to the date and time they are being received.
  4. You can arrange them according to other options as well depending on your choice.
  5. Add ‘Mail’ tab directly to this toolbar if you want.
  6. If you want you can also change the name of the group created in your SBCGlobal mail account from the outlook platform itself.
  7. If you want to move the group to a higher level, then simply drag-drop it to the desired location.

Click ‘Ok’ to confirm the changes.

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