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How To Fix The Problem Of ‘Unable To Send Emails From RR Email’ Configured With Samsung Galaxy S7 Email App?

Many users are facing the problem of unable to send emails from Samsung Galaxy S7 email app. This problem has particularly appeared after updating the software version of the smartphone. Let us find out how this problem can be solved easily.

Software updates play an integral role when it comes to performance and safety of any device. Google rolls out updates for Android smartphones from time to time, which enhances the performance of the devices and beef up the security as well.

It is important for smartphone users to keep their smartphones updated, as that will augment the user-experience. Now, these software updates can lead to issues as well because sometimes, smartphones are not able to work according to the new features that are integrated into the system via updates.

At times, the smartphones get slow or understand commands in a delayed manner. Some people have also encountered issues while accessing email apps, so basically, anything can go wrong after a smartphone is updated to the most recent software version. Now, there is a similar kind of problem being occurred in Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones.

Problem that users are facing after updating Samsung Galaxy S7 to the latest software?

Users who have updated their smartphones to the latest version are able to receive emails in their email app, but are not able to send out any emails. There is some problem in the email app, where they have configured their Roadrunner emails.

People have no idea as to what to do and how to solve this problem, as they have tried multiple troubleshooting steps, i.e., resetting the email app, re-adding the email account, but the problem continues to exists in the email app.

Solution to this problem:

For this particular issue, users are suggested to check the outgoing server setting of their RR email account and then, make sure that those settings are correct. If the settings are correct, then they need to clear the cache and data of their email app for which, they can take help of experts if they want. Once clearing the cache and data, they will have to setup RR com login email account on their Samsung Galaxy S7 again.

If the problem persists, then it is suggested that they should backup all the data that is stored on their smartphone and perform a factory reset. This is a recommended step that is quite effective in resolving problems that happen right after a software update.

The reason why a factory reset is a good option is that it deletes all the old software data, which may not have been completely removed from the smartphone before.

Try to reset the smartphone to factory defaults, and then, configure your RR email on the Samsung Galaxy S7 email app. If you are again encountering the same problem, then you will have to get in touch with experts, as only they can fix the problem that you are facing.

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